A Tomb of Deprived Karma and Exploring Northern Danlan (Tamsui-Kavalan) Historical Trail

'FROM FAR FORMOSA' (GEO.L.MACKAY,D.D.) Edited by the Rev. J.A.MacDonald 1895
Hsiaojingua Peak 小金瓜露頭 
Teapot Mt and Keelung Mt @Shumeiping historical trail 樹梅坪古道
Location (cave) where first gold was discovered   @Hsiaojingua Peak 小金瓜露頭
Ruins of an old Gold-Mine-Office, Diaoshan old trail 舊礦場事務所遺址, 貂山古道
@Shumeiping historical trail 樹梅坪古道

We explored a section of  Northern Danlan 淡蘭北路 (Known Northern Official Route

Tamsui (Hobe) - Connecting Peoples Story

Tamsui 1933 Chen Chengpo
The Sand Pebbles 1966
Recently me and two friends went Tamsui for an afternoon walk, we didn’t stop at many, but I soon knew I was in a comfortable position stringing along peoples connection from old and new. So here it is.
Tamsui's old name Hobe 滬尾 is still used especially by the mention of Hobe Gun Fort滬尾 炮台 - one of the marine defense structures built by the Qing dynasty for Taiwan after the Sino-French war (battle at Tamsui 1884). The location was called Hoba, meaning "streams mouth" by Ketagalan aborigines, the original settlers.
RED HOUSE 紅樓 was built in late 19th century and in 1913 my great grandfather 洪以南 Hong I-nan became the second owner. The house is seen first photo in Chen Chengpo's 1933 painting. Chen is the most expensive painter in Taiwan history, his Tamsui sunset 1935 reached a historical figure sold for HK$50.7 million in Sotheby auction 2002. And believed the most expensive painting sold within Chinese-speaking world at the …